About this website:
a machine for generating knowledge

Information for environmental stewards and promoters of human health and creativity, via medical journals, film festivals, and civil society groups.

"Why is it that scientists are coming to the rainforest to study ants and plants, while we are here with nobody worrying about us?" - Cacique Mayor, Amazon community (J Ethnobiol Ethnomed 2011;7:35)

How to Use This Site

This machine (and what is a website but a machine powered by electricity and information?) records my search for information that may be useful for work toward sustainable economies, environmental stewardship, and promotion of human health and creativity.

My epistemological method derives from "As We May Think," a 1945 Atlantic Monthly essay by Vannevar Bush, President Roosevelt's science adviser during World War II. Bush's vision led to the development of the hyperlink and the World Wide Web.

Open-access references are essential to this work. First among these is PubMed Central, the free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature maintained by the US National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine.

Selected additional references broaden my information-base to include topics in art and social progress.

This is one of two websites that I maintain. The other site, OncologyWatch.com, provides peer-reviewed journal articles and current clinical trials, indexed by cancer type.

OncologyWatch and A Knowledge Machine reproduce and support the ongoing diligence that informs my work as a public relations consultant for clients in health, art, and social progress organizations.

To make full use of my websites, also follow my blog posts and Twitter feed as I continue to integrate those resources into the machine.